Removing Barriers to Public Service

Humans in Crisis is supporting efforts by the Women's Foundation of Nepal to create a new training program to encourage and prepare women, especially from rural areas, for public service and widen women's access to positions in the public service.

For many families in rural Nepal, educating a daughter until class 12 requires a great deal of sacrifice — not only due to expense but because traditional cultural practice has not completely encouraged high levels of investment in the education of women.  A woman securing a post in the public service has the ability, not only to provide for herself, but her entire family.  No less important is the fact that she becomes self-sufficient and able to utilize her skills improving her own life and that of her family.

45 percent of all public service positions are reserved for persons traditionally marginalized lacking equal access, i.e. ethnic, caste; and of this, one-third are reserved specifically for women. 

This new training program will offer women that qualify for entry to public service, having completed their School Leaving Certificate (SLC; equivalent to 12th grade diploma) or above, the opportunity to train and prepare to sit for the Public Service Board Examination.  Preference will be given to women from rural areas that are most often unable to compete with you persons from wealthy families in Kathmandu with the advantage of private school education.

This program will train 90 women annually, and is scheduled to be completely self-sufficient after 2012.