Renu Sharma, LL.B.

Women's Foundation of Nepal

Rosa Lopez

Miami, Florida

mission & vision

Empowering communities in need through education and innovation.


More than 7,500 people volunteer for us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner.

Maria Revell, RN, D.S.N.
Maria specializes in health care delivery and health worker training. 

Dr. Hari Garbharran

Achal Garbharran, MD

Centegra: Chicago

Sharad Garbharran

University of Chicago College of Medicine

Sachi Amathya, Ed.D

Our founder

Jegesh Patel

Humans In Crisis is an international model of a “for impact” organization.  Humans In Crisis changes, saves, and impacts lives across the world:

  • We change lives by through promoting human values in education;
  • We save lives through providing basic needs; and
  • We impact lives by counseling, educating and empowering communities in crisis.

We want you to join us on this journey of changing, saving and impacting lives across the globe.  Our journey will involve education in sound human values; providing basic needs and counseling communities in crisis globally.

Galen Hull, Ph.D
Galen's speciality is entrepreneurship and international business.

Bryan Perdue, MSc
Bryan specializes in Strategic Planning, Community Planning, and Disaster Response. 

M Jo Edwards, Ph.D.

Middle Tennessee State University

our leadership team

Heena Garbharran, RN, MSc
Heena specializes in counseling, health services, and rehabilitative services. 

Andres Zambrano
Andres has been volunteering with Humans In Crisis in South Florida since 2008. 

recent programs

School2School an initiative promoting cultural exchange while mitigation spatial exclusions through education.

Hari Garbharran, MA, MBA, Ph.D