Our priority project during 2011 will be to build and reinforce the capacities of the Maheela Co-Operative, a social enterprise created by the Women's Foundation of Nepal.

Formed in 2000, the co-operative offers skills training and creates jobs for women survivors of domestic and social abuse with above-average wages; the minimum wage at Maheela is 250 Nepali Rupees (or about USD $3.50) per day.

Women of the Maheela Co-operative also receive 20 percent of net profits while, most importantly, the remaining profits are reinvested across all programs and services offered by the Women's Foundation.

Our targets are to improve quality while increasing the rate of production, enhance staff capabilities through continuing education and training workshops and create at least 60 jobs for women during 2011.

Over the course of three years, our goal is to assist Women's Foundation achieve self-sufficiency and remove their reliance on outside assistance to operate beneficial social programs. 

If you are a local retailer and are interested in learning more about Maheela, or would like to carry these products in your store, please contact our Karen Wolfe at (615) 898-2726 or email karen@humansincrisis.org 

Women's Co-Operative Capacity - Building